Donuts and Gunpowder


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You knew I had to have one of these in here...*Evil Cackle*
Well.. see how obsessed you really are!

1. You have an obsession with the phrase Love and Peace!
2. You walk around school saying it to random people, they think you are crazy
3. Every time someone is in a fight you chant it.
4. They chant along
5. You have a pair of yellow glasses and wear them when you get pissed off
6. You have a scedule to go to Dunkin Donuts (Hee hee, I have one across the street from where I live!)
7. You put a little black dot under your left eye to make it look like you have a mole there and tell the doctor to put one on you,... he doesn't get it.
8. You put it on religiously day and night.
9. You run screaming at the site of people with blue hair and gold eyes.
10. You own a black cat
11. You have a secret shrine in your room despite your parent's objections.
12. The spikey hair is the way to go!
13. You have been knighted "psychotic" by your friends (i have.)
14. You search for guys everywhere with spikey blonde hair
15. When fights occur between friends and younger siblings, you try to stop it with Love and Peace.
16. You call your little brother Knives (or is that just me?)
17. If you havn' damn well do now!
18. You wear turquoise contacts.
19. You post wanted posters around school for yourself.
20. Everyone is afraid of you because they think you are a gunslinging outlaw wanted for 60 billion double dollars.
21. At work, you count change in double dollars ignoring the customers strange looks.
22. The teachers at school know who Vash is when they recieve papers from you.
23. Your on a quest to find THE red coat.
24. Vash is a hero between you and your Otaku friends.
25. You going to Otakan this summer.
26. You preach the ways of Rem
27. The Gung Ho Guns are after you!!!!
28. You quote Vash every chance you get.
29. You make your family pay their respects to your Vash pictures on your walls every morning.
30. You *swear* you're brother wants to take over the world.
31. He really does.
32. Everyone is afraid of you because you tell them your left arm is really a gun.
33. You answered yes to any of these
Well, that's all I can think of for now *Shrugs* If you have any sugesstions E-MAIL them to me!!! ^_^

Suggestion from: Caitlin Beaulieu -Thank You! ^_^
34. When you go to church, you tie up the cross with cloth and rope!

Suggestion from: Nicotine (*Snickers >:>*)-Thank You! ^_^
35.You know you've gone psychotic about Vash, when you dub you friend Nicky and proclaim them your Tokyo Boy Bourbon Buddy.